Frequently Asked Questions

Service Questions:


What are Booster’s Customer Support Hours?

We are open from 7AM PST to 4PM PST Monday through Friday excluding holidays.


How do I contact Booster Customer Support?

SMS: 206-274-0051



How much does it cost?

Booster gas delivery is available for free on the campuses we service. All you pay is the competitive price of gas plus any additional services you choose within the app.


How is Booster priced so competitively?

We buy our  gas straight from the source and cut out the normal costs of gas stations, then pass the savings onto you!


Are there other ways to save?

Yes! Tap 'Share Booster' on the app to share your referral code. For every customer that completed a fill using your code, you will receive 10 cents off per gallon for 30 days. You may claim up to $200 in referral discounts during a 30 day period!


How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. You can get gas rewards points using these, too!


What types of gas do you offer?

Booster offers the highest quality detergent Unleaded Regular and Unleaded Premium gasoline. We hope to offer diesel fuel in the near future.


How do you find my car?

You tell us by giving your car information and pinning your location right in the app!


How do you get into my car to fill it?

Because most cars have tank doors that lock with the passenger doors, you must pop your tank door open when you request. If someone closes your tank door, we will reach out to have you reopen it!


How much gas do I get?

Booster delivers a full tank. If you do not receive a full tank, please let us know!


How do I know my car is filled?

You will select a delivery window in the app when you request. After Booster has filled your vehicle before the ‘delivery by’ time, you will receive an SMS and email receipt. Booster is working hard to give better ETAs in the future!


I need to leave, what do I do?

Simply cancel your request in the app at no charge and request again when you return!


Gas and Safety Questions:


Is it good gas?

Booster gas is the highest quality available detergent gasoline with more than 3 times the EPA recommended detergent levels to ensure your engine is treated well.


Where do you source your gas from?

Booster cuts out middleman transport companies and gas stations with underground tanks by getting  gas right from top quality refineries and bringing it straight to you.


What types of gas do you offer?

Booster offers the highest quality detergent Unleaded Regular (87 Octane) and Unleaded Premium (91 Octane in California or 93 elsewhere) gasoline. We hope to offer diesel fuel in the near future.


Woah! What’s the difference between these grades?

Manufacturers recommend different grades for different vehicles. Consult your owner’s manual or a certified repair facility to choose the correct grade.


How do I know the quantity is correct?

Booster trucks have Weights and Measures Approved pumps just like you use at the gas station - little sticker and all! The pumps are regularly calibrated to ensure the quantity recorded is always right.


How safe is Booster?

Safety is the highest of priorities for the Booster team. Our processes are constantly reviewed and reiterated on to ensure Booster is operating as safely as possible at all times


Driver Safety? All of our drivers are highly trained internally on top of their Commercial Driver’s Licenses and Hazardous Materials training.


Truck Safety? We have the same manufacturers who make Jet Fuel trucks make ours with top quality equipment and features meant for the runway, but perfect for the parking lot.


Does Booster have a static electricity risk?

Because Booster drivers stay at the nozzle when filling, there is almost no risk of static electricity production that causes a danger to the filling process - much safer than the gas station!

Other Questions:


Is Booster’s gas delivery bad for the environment?

NO! For every delivery we do, we contribute 1 lb of carbon emissions savings. How? Less distanced traveled by our customers to fill up with gas, less gas transferred (no underground tanks!), and extremely high density!



It’s an EMERGENCY! Who do I call?

Please call 911 for any life threatening emergencies. Your safety is our top priority.


If you are experiencing a non-life threatening emergency please SMS or email our Customer Support team with the body beginning ‘EMERGENCY’ and a brief description of the issue. We will be in touch in a timely manner based on the urgency of the matter.

Property Managers and Benefits Professionals

Q: How does Booster locate customers’ vehicles?
A: GPS. Booster employs the same GPS technologies used by on-demand ride sharing companies. Users simply request fuel from their car once parked. Our drivers verify GPS location via make, model, color, and license plate.


Q: Does Booster use fuel tankers? I wouldn’t want that on my campus.
A: You’ll love our trucks. We have focused years of R&D to develop modern, attractive, one-of-a-kind mobile refueling vehicles. Our trucks are shorter than most SUVs and more maneuverable than most small cars. They are likely the smallest service vehicle delivering goods to your campus on any given day. In-person demonstrations are the best way to understand how unobtrusive Booster can be.


Q: How do I know Booster is safe?
A: We at Booster have a relentless focus on safety and customer delight. Booster has a perfect safety record, best-in-class liability insurance, and all local and regional permits required everywhere we do business. 


Q: What if we want to allocate a region of our parking lot for this service?
A: That’s fine, but certainly not required. Most of our campuses do not define specific locations for Booster.


Q: Do you offer our employees any additional benefits beyond mobile refueling?
A: We go out of our way to delight customers. When possible, we clean windows and shine tires. We notify customers of road hazards (such as punctured tires). We’ve even been known to fuel customers on the side of the road.


Q: When is the Booster service available?
A: We’re truly on-demand, every day. On most campuses, Booster is open every workday from 8am to 4pm. We take pride in working with facilities managers to ensure our hours accommodate your employee work patterns. This means avoiding morning rush, the lunch hour, and evening rush. Since these vary by campus, we work with you.



It's an EMERGENCY! Who do I call?
 Call 911 first for life threatening emergencies or for non-life threatening emergencies you can call (888) 552-4615. Booster Customer Support contact information is at the top of this article.


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